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Avacado, feta, bell pepper scramble

Posted by on Apr 28, 2012 in Blog, Breakfast | 0 comments

Avacado, feta, bell pepper scramble

Let me just tell you that I am a huge fan of eggs in the morning.  Five out of seven of my mornings are started with the incredible edible egg 🙂  Within an hour of waking up it is important to consume protein.  I aim for about 20 grams in the morning, two eggs has about 12 grams of protein, then I usually had a little all natural non flavored protein power(I just sprinkle it on after I’m cooking my eggs, you can’t even taste it), add yogurt, or a nut butter or cheese depending on what I’m cooking that day and I am good to go!

This particular meal was just a creation of what I had at home.  I almost always have avocados, eggs, and veggies so I put them all together and added a little feta, sprinkled a little Psyllium husks on top(to get some fiber) and I was all set!

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