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Blueberry Meyer Lemonade

Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in Blog, Thirst Quenchers | 3 comments

Blueberry Meyer Lemonade

Let me just start off by saying this recipe is approved by my husband which is a very good sign.  Sometimes it takes him a little to get used to new things that I introduce him to(he is your typical “meat and potatoes” guy-two things I rarely cook).  So when he tried this and immediately loved it, I was very excited!

  I love drinking tea, is is my beverage of choice next to water. During the summer I prefer to drink iced tea.  I made a huge batch of iced tea with Blueberry Bliss Rooibos Tea by Tevana. When I buy teas I like to stick to a loose leaf tea, and I try to buy from a local tea store, but I just moved to a new city and am not familiar with the tea shops, so Tevana it is.  You could use any flavor tea for this, pineapple, strawberry, peach, mango, raspberry, or any type of fruit based tea you enjoy, I supposed you could also you a plain black tea if fruit teas aren’t your thing.  Like I’ve said before, the best thing about you making it is you get to make it exactly how you like it! I garnished it with a little mint leaves just enough for my last couple of sips to get the hint of mint.  If you cannot find Meyer lemons use regular lemons but I strongly suggest you look for Meyer lemons, they are sweeter and less acidic than regular lemons Meyer lemons really make this drink.  I forgot to mention the best part it is calorie free(when using Stevia as a sweeter)!!!

Blueberry Meyer LemonaidIngredients:

  • 10 Oz Blueberry Ice Tea(or your flavor choice)
  • Stevia* to taste, or honey(Start with a small amount, you can always add more!!!)
  • 1 Meyer lemon, regular lemon, or 4-5 drops lemon CPTG essential oil
  • Ice
  • Mint(optional)

Squeeze lemon juice into your glass, mix remaining ingredients into a glass give it a stir and enjoy!

*I love NuNaturals Stevia.  It doesn’t have a bitter taste that a lot of stevia tends to have.  If you buy stevia from use coupon code OZI624 and you’ll receive $5.00 off your first order over $10.00 or $10.00 off your order over $40.00.

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  1. Sounds so refreshing!

    • It is Amy!!! Perfect for the upcoming summer. Forgot to mention this in the post(new to all of this) its calorie free, which makes it even better 🙂

      • Makes it even better! 🙂

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