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Is Your Attention Span Longer Than A Goldfish?

Posted by on Oct 8, 2014 in Feed Your Soul | 0 comments

Is Your Attention Span Longer Than A Goldfish?

beachPrinceEATechI recently went on vacation to visit my family in California. About two days before I left, my computer had to go to the “hospital”, and I realized I would be without it for about ten days.  Sadly my first reaction was panic and anxiety.  

What would I do without being able to check in on Facebook and make sure everyone knew that I was in the Golden State(yes I really thought this. Sad…I know). 

As my initial panic went away, I turned to the Universe and realized this was a sign I was being given.  It was time to give social media a great.  

The Universe was providing me with an opportunity to disconnect from something fake, so I could connect with something real. 

Now, as someone who has turned to technology as well as social media to help grow her business, this wasn’t the easiest task. However, I accepted and embraced it. Facebook has always been my biggest “time sucker.  I’ll admit,  I go on Facebook countless times a day. Being someone who lives in a different state than my family and my friends I used to tell myself having Facebook made me feel connected to everyone.  In reality, after spending a lot of time on Facebook I don’t actually feel connected to my friends or family, sometimes I even feel disconnected.  

While I was in California I took time to enjoy my family. I was present in our conversations, I enjoyed the scenery and it was nice to know that all of Facebook didn’t know where I was. Most importantly, I connected with myself. I took a few days and hit the beach on my own. Instead of taking the typical picture of my feet in the sand I put some music on, pulled out a book and truly Feed My Soul. I watched the waves, saw families and companions enjoying each other’s company, and I enjoyed watching a bunch of kids attempt to surf for the first time. I truly appreciated where I was and what I was a doing without feeling the need to immediately share it with the world.  It was just for me. 

When I returned home one of my favorite new artist had shared this video about social media. It couldn’t have come out at a more perfect time for me since I had just gone through a social media “detox”. I encourage you to take less then four minutes out of your life to watch this video and share it with a friend.

And if you manage to watch the whole video, congratulations! You have a larger attention span than a goldfish…which seems to be rare these days.

xxo Lindsay

PS.  Yes, I DO think it is ironic that I am sharing this with you via social media 😉 


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