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Conscious Cleanse

Posted by on Dec 4, 2014 in Inspiration | 0 comments

The word cleanse can bring up a lot of mixed emotions for people. Hearing this word makes people think of deprivation, starvation, feeling unsatisfied and the ultimate fear of not being able to leave your bathroom for days. As a health coach I know this isn’t always the case and I know cleanses can be done in a mindful way without feeling like you are starving.

Months ago I was introduced to the Conscious Cleanse by a friend of mine. As I did research on Jo and Jules I immediately feel in love with their philosophies and energy. I related to a lot of what they talked about on their blog and I noticed a lot of similarities between my philosophies and style as a health coach and theirs. I knew I wanted in on their next cleanse and I couldn’t wait for it to start.

Health Coach Confession: I’ve never done a cleanse before. Yes I eat healthy and drink my green juices, but I’ve never done a full eliminate-all-major-allergens-from-your-diet kind of cleanse. I was nervous and I had some of the same fears my own clients experience when they begin a new program. My biggest fear was failure, even though Jo and Jules made a point to make sure that as a cleanser there was no way we could fail. I still had my own health goals that I wanted to reach. I was worried that if I didn’t manage to reach my goals in the two weeks, I going to feel like a failure not only as a cleanser but as a health coach.

“Everything you want is on the other


of fear”-Jack Canfield

Now, there are plenty of articles and books written on the topic of fear. I could go on and on about why you shouldn’t let fear stop you from doing something. In order to save time I’m just going to emphasize that you’ve got to push through the fear. There is a light and clarity on the other side and I promise it’s worth it. As Jo and Jules say “be kind and gentle with yourself”.

“The Conscious Cleanse is not about


it right or being perfect, It’s about


human”-Conscious Cleanse

I had three major “aha” moments during my two week Conscious Cleanse.

  1. It’s not about the weight. I emphasize this all the time with my clients. It’s not about the weight you want to lose. There is some underlying reason that you want to lose weight. If you are being honest with yourself you can dig deep and find out what it’s really about. If you’re like me (or how I was) you’ll lie to yourself and simply say “yeah I just want to lose weight.” Through the program and the one-on-one support that I received during my cleanse I had a huge “aha” moment when I realized it’s not about losing what I refer to as my “Divorce Weight”(aka the weight I gained during the process of my marriage ending), but it was more about finances for me. This moment was HUGE. I kept saying I just want to fit into the pants that I used to wear. I don’t want to spend the money to replace them. Which is true, but the pants I buy are not extravagant. There is one particular pair that I wanted to fit back into that is from H&M. They probably cost less than $30. And I kept using that as my excuse but it was really about my finances and how much my financial situation has changed since I got divorced and started my own business. I’m a big believer that your business reflects where you are in life. My first year of business I worked with over 100 clients and I was kicking ass. My second year in business my marriage and world fell apart and my business reflected that. I’m a shopper and I love fashion. I don’t buy expensive name brands often. Instead, shopping was always something that I did to reward myself for all my hard work. This past year I haven’t been able to do that because of my lack of focus and because of my lack of business growth. I realized all of this by digging a little deeper as encouraged by the coaches that supported me during my cleanse and started to understand what “fitting into my pants” really meant. This “aha” is probably the biggest one I’ve had for myself this year(and believe me it has been a Post-Divorce Soul searching year).
  2. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan like your life depends on it. Look, I’m not going to sit and tell you that it’s so simple to make 95% of your meals homemade for two weeks. It takes time and planning. And if you do it right correctly, it will set you up for success and you’ll have so many healthy options available that you won’t even think twice about going for a less healthy alternative. You’ve GOT to plan it out. Write down a detailed meal plan on when and where you are going to eat along with what those meals will include. You’ve got to include time on when you plan to prepare it. Everything has to be scheduled and you’ve got to stick to the schedule. This was hard for me. I’m a free spirit. I once had a psychic tell me “Lindsay, you’re the kind of person that either changes the rules or finds your way around them”. I’ve always been this way and if you don’t believe me I’ll send you my moms way, I’m sure she’s got a few good stories for you. As a natural rebel I don’t like to be told what to do and when so this was a little hard for me. As a stubborn health coach I get a little sassy attitude and I think “please, I know how to do this, this is what I teach people for a living”. I had to set my ego aside and listen to suggestions of other respected people in my industry. In the Conscious Cleanse book Jo and Jules talk about how staying on track with this cleanse is all about planning ahead and they are absolutely right. We all get busy and can easily come up with excuses but your excuses don’t help you reach your goals and will never get you where you want to be.
  3. Gradual Changes for Sustainability. One reason why I’m not a big cleanser and you don’t see me doing juice cleanses all the time is because it’s not going to help me reach my long term goals. Yes a juice cleanse can help you lose weight and drop bloat for a wedding or specific event, but what happens when that cleanse is over? If you go right back into your old eating habits what the heck was the point in spending hundreds of dollars on juice? I’m a health coach that helps people make lasting and sustainable changes. You’ve got to be able to take what you are learning from any health program and apply it to your life every day. If you can’t do that, then you are wasting your money. I was frustrated during my first two weeks because I didn’t lose a lot of weight. I usually don’t weigh myself, but for the purpose of doing the cleanse I was curious and wanted to be able to keep track of how my body was responding. After the cleanse I kept up with what I had been doing and dropped seven pounds. I haven’t weighed myself since (as I write this it’s been about three weeks since the cleanse ended) and I don’t plan to continue to weigh myself because the number really isn’t important. With that being said, it was encouraging to see as I continued to eat healthy and take care of myself that the weight came off.

And I must note, this weight-loss included Thanksgiving, where for the first time I didn’t put myself into a food coma and ate responsibility. That has never happened for me. Ever. That’s a Conscious Cleanse Success. 


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