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Magical De-Bloat Potion

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Snacks, Uncategorized | 157 comments

Magical De-Bloat Potion
Magical De-Bloat Potion

Magical De-Bloat Potion

I am so happy to share with you my new magical “potion” that I have been drinking.  I made this about a week ago and I’ve been drinking at least 4-6 glass of it per-day since.  It’s a mix of tumeric, ginger, cayanne, and lemon juice with hot water.  This potion is powerful!  We are talking detoxing and getting rid of toxins, your body naturally eliminating waste, anti-inflammatory, your waist size dropping and after a few days of sipping this your energy should be up.

On my second day of drinking this I went into work and shared my new found magical recipe with some coworkers.  My boss said to me “when you walked in you looked less puffy, not that you always looked puffy before, but there was something about your color and your face where you just looked lighter”.  I don’t weigh myself so I can’t tell you if I have lost weight, but I FEEL lighter and have more energy which means more to me than any number on a scale.  Try this recipe and sip it for a few days along with eating a clean, healthy diet and report your results back to me.  Go ahead and get your Harry Potter on and let me know what you think! IMG_4014[1]

Turmeric-The major health benefits of Turmeric start with it being a strong anti-inflammatory spice.  Turmeric has been used in Chinese and Indian systems of medicine for centuries and is now becoming popular in the Western world to treat various  symptoms.  Turmeric contains curcumin which is what gives the tumeric its yellow pigment.  Curcumin has been shown to be as potent as other anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofin and hydrocortisone, without all the nasty side effects.  Studies have also shown what a powerful antioxidant this spice is as it helps protect your body from free radicals that attack your body and can lead to cancer or DNA damage.  The more turmeric in your diet the less destruction to your body, on a cellular level.

Ginger-There are many different forms of ginger from whole fresh roots, to crystallized ginger.  For this recipe I used ground ginger or powdered ginger. Ginger has been used in herbal medicine to help promote the elimination of intestinal gas, and intestinal spasmolytic, which helps relax and soothe the intestinal tract. Adding this spice to the magic potion will help your body eliminate waste naturally, and get rid of excess bloat.

Cayenne- Cayanne gets its heat from the high concentration of capsaicin.  Capsaicin is recognized as an effective pain reliever, as a digestive and anti-ulcer aid and also produces cardiovascular benefits. Adding cayenne pepper, even in small amounts can help reduce symptoms of indigestion. This spice can help reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and well as decrease the formation of blood clots. Cayenne pepper is known as increasing the body’s ability to burn fat, and who doesn’t want to burn more fat?

Lemon-Lemons are a great source of vitamin C and B6 as well as potassium, folic acid, flanoids, and phytochemical limonene.  Lemon can help aid in weight loss because of its benefits as a digestive aid, and it helps cleanse the liver. Lemons are also a great way to help your body fight infections and promote immunity.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael Murray M.D.

I LOVE this so much, that I include it in my 7-Day Summer Slim Down!


  • 1/2-1 Tbsp Turmeric*
  • 1/2-1 Tbsp Ginger*
  • 1/2-1 tsp Cayenne (depending on how much heat you can handle)
  • 5 Tbsp lemon juice( I used juice from Meyer Lemons, but regular lemons will work fine), OR 10-15 drops of CPTG Lemon Essential Oil
  • optional(I usually omit this) Stevia to taste, or maple syrup.
  • 32 oz. warm water
*I like strong tasting drinks, so I used about 1 tablespoon of the turmeric and ginger, if your making this for the first time, start with a little less.


  1. Boil 32 ounces of water in a tea kettle, once it boils remove it from heat and set it aside.
  2. Add spices and lemon juice to a pitcher or container that holds at least 32 ounces of water.  Once the water has cooled a bit( you don’t want to add boiling water into the mixture, this will breakdown some of the benefits of the lemon) add it to the pitcher.  Give the mixture a good stir and sip on it throughout the day.  As the magic potion sits the spices will fall to the bottom, you can stir it each time your pour yourself more, and always add some more warm water if it gets too spicy for you.  Add stevia or maple syrup to sweeten it if necessary.

I make this mixture and sip on it for 5-7 days.  I feel so light and healthy while I am drinking it so I don’t want to stop!  Let me know what your results are in the comments below or on Facebook. One friend said she lost two inches on her waist after drinking it for four days!

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  1. How would someone who has type 1 diabetes and fatty liver tolerate this recipe?

    • Please check with your doctor.

  2. I always have fresh ginger in my freezer. Its so easy to use a hand grater to get the amount I need. Just thought Id pass my little trick! I love my ginger! 😉

    • LOVE that idea. I’ll have to try that, thank you so much for sharing Lisa.

  3. P.S. Just made my first batch of your de-bloat potion, enjoying it right now!

    • Love!!! xo

  4. I would add local honey not syrup. You do not need sugar. Local honey is very good for you. It helps with your metabolism and it benefits with other health issues. Depending on how much you make will depend on how much you use. A table spoon a day is what you are supposed to eat if you are using it for health benefits. The darker the better is what I read. Check out the web for honey and cinnamon benefits.

    • Local honey would be great!

  5. This may be a naive question, but are there any negative physical effects? Bathroom wise? 🙂 I just tasted it and it is HOT! My imagination is sort of running away with me and I was wondering if that might not be the only thing running away with me! LOL (sorry!) But seriously. ?

    • No worries Laura! You can’t get too honest when it comes to talking about health 🙂 I personally do not have an issue drinking this tonic. Most of my clients do not find themselves running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. You know your body best, if you digestive system is more sensitive then start with half the amount of what the recipe calls for. Good luck!!!

      • Instead of the iffy benefits of Stevia or maple syrup, please consider the miracle of raw honey. There are so many benefits that are well-documented, sweetness is almost not the point!

  6. I was wondering if it would be possible to make this in the crockpot and just keep it at warm all day so I could drink as wanted/needed? Would that cause a problem with the ingredients or be feasible?

    • As long as its on a low setting that sounds like a really good idea!

  7. I’m wondering if the cayenne pepper can be in a powder form? Wouldn’t that be easier than trying to grind up a pepper? Forgive my ignornace please! Thanks,C.

    • Powder is what I use. No worries!!

  8. I was wondering if there is any difference in drinking this warm or cold? I find it incredibly refreshing when drunk cold so that is my preference, but it would be nice to know if it is more beneficial drunk warm?
    Absolutely loving it. 4 days on and I feel GREAT!!

    • If cold works better for you that is fine. Glad you are liking it!!!

  9. If I want to drink this cold, can it be prepared cold (ie don’t bother heating water then cooling) or does heating it for a time help combine the ingredients?

  10. Do you drink the entire recipe each day? all 32oz? or sip on it over a few days? Thnx!

  11. Just wondering if you are supposed to substitue this for meals (like the master cleanse) or drinking this in conjunction with eating healthy?

  12. I am sorry please disregard my prior question and please delete. Thank you

  13. I am unable to have pepper of any kind!!–acid reflux,super bad, although I have found a tea that works for it–NO NO NO black pepper or cayenne pepper or any kind! I’ve heard that the hot spices are good for
    you but I can’t tolerate any–would the detox be good without or could I substitute?

    • just skip the cayenne

    • Turmeric helped with my acid reflux. I had acid reflux for 5 days and took turmeric pills and it never came back!! 🙂

  14. Can you ingest essential oils.
    Thats what concern me since I have no lemons at this time.
    Can you do lemon juice that comes in the bottle or fresh only

    • you can use fresh lemon juice, or essential oil

  15. I found this recipe 5 months ago & it is like magic. I’ll drink it for a week & take a week off. It has really helped amp up my metabolism & move my digestive system right along. The absolutely only side effect I have had is right in the very beginning after drinking it for 3 days. I had the worst gas ever & was so thankful I was off work during that time. For 2 days it was pretty bad, but that has been it. I highly recommend this drink, and you can even use the fresh ingredients if you can find the turmeric roots, but I like to use the powdered seasonings because it’s easier.

  16. Where do you buy your Turmeric from?

    • any health food store, most grocery stores too.

  17. i use this recipe to treat colitis and osteoporosis pain works great…i don’t use the cayenne pepper to haes on tummy

  18. I am on blood thinner for pulmonary embolisms and blood clots, would this affect it in any way?

    • Check with your doctor.

  19. I did ot see the answer to the question as to if you drink the whole pitcher in one day or over a few?

    • I usually drink it in one day, if not just safe the rest for the next day

  20. Could I do this detox while nursing?

    • Check with you doctor.

  21. I tried this today for the first time. I got up a little early before work and ran to Wal-Mart to find a suitable bottle. I found a 34 oz plastic water bottle that was perfect.

    Once I made the de-bloat potion (I forgot to pick up lemon juice but luckily had lemons, so I squeezed my own)I was very nervous of the taste. Despite being a spicy, completely non-sweetened drink, I found it very enjoyable!

    I took a permanent marker and made little dashmarks on it so I could make sure I was sipping it enough throughout the day, making sure I was at certain dashes by my lunch break at work, etc. I think I am going to do this every day. It was easy enough to have at my desk and just sip periodically along with my water.

    I am thinking taste-wise that I may end up trying it with a little maple syrup, as towards the bottom it was pretty strong. I shook it up between each sip but lots of the spice did settle.

    I look forward to seeing the effects in future days!

    • Awesome Lauren, thanks for the update!

  22. Just wondering how much you drink in a day? The whole pitcher?

  23. I started this today. 🙂

    • Let me know how you like it!

  24. I just made it and have not tryed it yet, could I add orange juice for some added flavor?

    • no, that will raise your blood sugar!

  25. What about if you add the boiling water to the spices and then added the lemon once it cooled down a bit?

    • yea that would work!

  26. Is it ok to use honey as sweetener?? Please reply and thanks:)

    • yes

  27. Hello I’m starting this today and I wanted to say thanks for sharing this! I’m wondering tho if its ok to use honey
    as a sweetener cuz I heard honey wasn’t good if your trying to lose weight
    and I would appreciate your thoughts:) also can I do a strict diet while doing this?

  28. While doing this can I eat and take supplements.

    • yes!

  29. Where can I find Tbsp set from?

    • Athropologie

  30. Great recipe…I have just one thing to add. I’ve read in order to maximize the absorption of turmeric which is fat soluble, you should take with oil and black pepper. I use the cayenne instead of black pepper and add 1 tbs of organic extra virgin coconut oil which adds tons of additional nutritional benefits.

  31. Is drinking 1-2 cups per day effective? and does this have to be refrigerated as i like to drink at room temp.


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