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Magical De-Bloat Potion

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Snacks, Uncategorized | 157 comments

Magical De-Bloat Potion
Magical De-Bloat Potion

Magical De-Bloat Potion

I am so happy to share with you my new magical “potion” that I have been drinking.  I made this about a week ago and I’ve been drinking at least 4-6 glass of it per-day since.  It’s a mix of tumeric, ginger, cayanne, and lemon juice with hot water.  This potion is powerful!  We are talking detoxing and getting rid of toxins, your body naturally eliminating waste, anti-inflammatory, your waist size dropping and after a few days of sipping this your energy should be up.

On my second day of drinking this I went into work and shared my new found magical recipe with some coworkers.  My boss said to me “when you walked in you looked less puffy, not that you always looked puffy before, but there was something about your color and your face where you just looked lighter”.  I don’t weigh myself so I can’t tell you if I have lost weight, but I FEEL lighter and have more energy which means more to me than any number on a scale.  Try this recipe and sip it for a few days along with eating a clean, healthy diet and report your results back to me.  Go ahead and get your Harry Potter on and let me know what you think! IMG_4014[1]

Turmeric-The major health benefits of Turmeric start with it being a strong anti-inflammatory spice.  Turmeric has been used in Chinese and Indian systems of medicine for centuries and is now becoming popular in the Western world to treat various  symptoms.  Turmeric contains curcumin which is what gives the tumeric its yellow pigment.  Curcumin has been shown to be as potent as other anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofin and hydrocortisone, without all the nasty side effects.  Studies have also shown what a powerful antioxidant this spice is as it helps protect your body from free radicals that attack your body and can lead to cancer or DNA damage.  The more turmeric in your diet the less destruction to your body, on a cellular level.

Ginger-There are many different forms of ginger from whole fresh roots, to crystallized ginger.  For this recipe I used ground ginger or powdered ginger. Ginger has been used in herbal medicine to help promote the elimination of intestinal gas, and intestinal spasmolytic, which helps relax and soothe the intestinal tract. Adding this spice to the magic potion will help your body eliminate waste naturally, and get rid of excess bloat.

Cayenne- Cayanne gets its heat from the high concentration of capsaicin.  Capsaicin is recognized as an effective pain reliever, as a digestive and anti-ulcer aid and also produces cardiovascular benefits. Adding cayenne pepper, even in small amounts can help reduce symptoms of indigestion. This spice can help reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and well as decrease the formation of blood clots. Cayenne pepper is known as increasing the body’s ability to burn fat, and who doesn’t want to burn more fat?

Lemon-Lemons are a great source of vitamin C and B6 as well as potassium, folic acid, flanoids, and phytochemical limonene.  Lemon can help aid in weight loss because of its benefits as a digestive aid, and it helps cleanse the liver. Lemons are also a great way to help your body fight infections and promote immunity.

Source: The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by Michael Murray M.D.

I LOVE this so much, that I include it in my 7-Day Summer Slim Down!


  • 1/2-1 Tbsp Turmeric*
  • 1/2-1 Tbsp Ginger*
  • 1/2-1 tsp Cayenne (depending on how much heat you can handle)
  • 5 Tbsp lemon juice( I used juice from Meyer Lemons, but regular lemons will work fine), OR 10-15 drops of CPTG Lemon Essential Oil
  • optional(I usually omit this) Stevia to taste, or maple syrup.
  • 32 oz. warm water
*I like strong tasting drinks, so I used about 1 tablespoon of the turmeric and ginger, if your making this for the first time, start with a little less.


  1. Boil 32 ounces of water in a tea kettle, once it boils remove it from heat and set it aside.
  2. Add spices and lemon juice to a pitcher or container that holds at least 32 ounces of water.  Once the water has cooled a bit( you don’t want to add boiling water into the mixture, this will breakdown some of the benefits of the lemon) add it to the pitcher.  Give the mixture a good stir and sip on it throughout the day.  As the magic potion sits the spices will fall to the bottom, you can stir it each time your pour yourself more, and always add some more warm water if it gets too spicy for you.  Add stevia or maple syrup to sweeten it if necessary.

I make this mixture and sip on it for 5-7 days.  I feel so light and healthy while I am drinking it so I don’t want to stop!  Let me know what your results are in the comments below or on Facebook. One friend said she lost two inches on her waist after drinking it for four days!

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  1. Another thing that has truly helped me for past 2 months is l cup warm water (keep warm while drinking) and half a lemon squeezed into the water before breakfast and before coffee. Try and not put it on top of your coffee if possible. Its ok to drink during the day as well as at night. Helps flush out everything. My knees don’t even hurt as much or my feet.

    • That sounds great Susie!

  2. Where did you get those cute measuring spoons?

    • Anthropologie!

      • Really? Wow! They are adorable! Thanks!

  3. Sounds good !
    Stupid question though but you still were eating right, you were not like on a fast for a few days drinking this ?

    • Yes I was eating! I eat very clean during this cleanse, and stick to easily digested foods.

      • What types of foods would you eat?

        • Can you drink coffee?

          • yes, try and drink it plain, or sweeten it with stevia.

        • I have many recipes on my website that I eat regularly. You want to eat CLEAN!!! You can follow me on Facebook, or instagram where I’m always posting healthy and yummy food options.

  4. This sounds like an interesting combination. What would you think about adding cinnamon to it as a possible help for maintaining good blood sugar levels?

    • Cinnamon is great for the metabolism! Give it a try.

  5. can i use honey

    • If you can use 100% pure maple syrup, that would be best, honey is okay if you can’t find maple syrup.

      • what about agave?

        • agave or maple syrup would be fine!

          • I’m just curious, why is maple syrup better than honey for this?

          • Typically maple syrup doesn’t spike the blood sugar like honey does.

  6. Thanks for posting these recipes I very much appreciate your website

  7. I used to work for a Holistic clinic in Marin County, California and the 1980’s.
    We used to give this recipe out to ladies who would come in for Body Wraps.
    Except we used Grade C Maple Syrup.
    Maple syrup does not raise the glycemic index.
    Clients would drink this for 2 days come in and we would wrap them in saran wrap, lay them down for 2 hours. Unwrap them and measure for inch loss.
    Remarkable detox and way to get into that skinny dress.
    Love your website and ideas.

  8. I can’t eat anything spicy,or hot. Could I leave out the cayenne and still get the effects? Or could I sub something else for it?

    • Try cinnamon!

    • Rhonda,
      cinnamon is a hot spice too.
      You can add mint instead.
      But I think you should skip this recipe and drink bitter teas, as your reaction to spices may indicate that your liver is inflamed.

      If you like to cook, you may also consider this recipe with artichokes, which will be beneficial for your liver: – Mom’s Artichokes!

      Hope it helps.

  9. Thanks for the receipe I have been trying to get rid of belly fat for years will give this a try TY 🙂

  10. Hello! I will do it! Just one questions, do we have to drink hot or cold? Because the summer is coming…!

    Thank you very much! Love 🙂

    • better to do it hot, or room temp.

  11. I usually do this with addition of cinnamon and not ginger… Will definitely try… Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Have you ever used fresh Tuneric and fresh Ginger on the recipe?

  13. I used receipe by Dr axe, quite similar but with addition of apple cider vinegar (with mother) and have to say it really made me feel better, more energy for sure 🙂

  14. Can you drink this if you are pregnant?

    • Contact your doctor first.

  15. Hi,
    I would like to know if all you so is drink this all day or are you allowed to eat along with it?

    • yes I eat. In the post I talk about focusing on clean easily digested foods.

  16. Thanks for sharing this! How much do you drink per day? You said, “I’ve been drinking at least 4-6 glass of it per-day”. Is that 4 – 6, 8 oz glasses, or 4 – 6 oz per day?

    • It’s about 32 oz a day. Some days I drink more, some days less. Do what feels best for you.

  17. I made this today it taste great, was surprise feel better right away

    • Glad you are enjoying it!

  18. I made this yesterday and could not finish it. I think it was the grittiness of the spices that hit the back of my throat. Could this be made and let steep, like tea, and then strained/filtered? I would really like to try to make it through a cycle to see if it works for me, but by the halfway point I just couldn’t drink anymore.

    • Just add more water, or cut the spices in half.

      • wonder if blending it in a personal blender, or Ninja would help?

  19. Seems like this would go great with a kitchari cleanse. Can’t wait to try it!

  20. Spicy and Delicious just finished my first cup it’s 9:00 PM I will drink about 2 cups before I go to bed, Already Excited And Looking Forward To Posting A Positive Result. Thanks So Much for sharing and caring, May God Continue to Bless You
    So You can Be a Blessing to others!

  21. It looks great. I was wondering if the ginger is dried or fresh?

    • I use ground ginger.

    • I used dried. You could use fresh but you would want to juice it first.

  22. Can I keep any unused over night in the fridge?

    • yes

  23. I made this today and I used fresh ginger. I also think I need to adjust the pepper. I think it was a bit difficult to get Dan. Are you sing fresh or powdered and can u drink cold?

  24. I am going to try this recipe but I am wondering – is this something that you drink all the time or only for 5 – 7 days? I am going to replace the Cayenne with Cinnamon though as the pepper just does not agree with me. Thanks for sharing…

  25. I have been trying this and I do want to add one thing. This mixture will stain almost anything you put it in so don’t use a container you really care about. I also had to cut the cayenne to 1/2 tsp and its still very hot for me. Hard to say if its working yet as the sun has also just come out here after a long dreary cold spell and that also makes me feel lighter and more energetic. But I do feel good this morning after drinking this for two days so I’m going to keep it up for a bit longer. I do have a question, what is the purpose of bringing the water to a boil and then letting it cool? Doesn’t seem like it boils long enough to remove anything harmful?? Thanks for the post!

    • I make this potion in glass and ceramic containers, I never have a problem with them being stained. Anytime you bring the water to a boil it has killed harmful bacteria. If you are using distilled or spring water, then no need to boil it, but you won’t want to drink it cold. Glad you feel good after day 2!!!

  26. Can I use limes instead of lemons?

    • sure

  27. Will go & make this right now as I need a pick me up badly. Thank you

  28. I’m wondering if drinking this potion daily would be equally effective if I chugged it down in two large portions rather than sipping it throughout the entire day? What do you think?

    • Try and it and see what works for you!

  29. On the turmeric packet it says “Warning – do not consume uncooked”. Why is that??

    • I’ve never seen that before, I consume turmeric raw all the time.

  30. How do i get Turmeric, and ginger… health food stores?

    • Health Food stores or some grocery stores. Ginger will be easier to find in a regular grocery store than tumeric.

      • Found them both, tho not easy to find tumeric, it was sold out everywhere. Starting tomorrow. I did find Tumeric a huge package for $7 at an asian food mart. A steal i think 😉 Doing cinnamon instead of cayenne.

        • Great price!!!

  31. Does it go in the frig or sit out? I have a bunch of food allergies and I get bloated a lot. I can’t wait to give this a try.

    • I let it sit out during the day, put it in the fridge if I have any leftover at night. Hope it works out for you!!!

    • I usually finish mine in one day. You might want to put it in the fridge overnight, but bring it to room temp before consuming.

  32. I am interested to try this. Question on the turmeric. My understanding is that it’s anti-inflammatory qualities are effective when the menstruum includes a fat (like when it is steamed in milk for instance). Have you tried this recipe without the turmeric (assuming fats are to be avoided in cleanse mode) and does it give a different outcome? Thanks!

    • Nope, I haven’t tried it without the turmeric!

    • I just made this recipe for the first time, although I’m waiting on cayenne pepper to get back from the store, so not quite ready to drink it, but I’m excited to try it. If you are severely limiting your fat during this cleanse, you could still take it with some coconut oil, a VERY beneficial fat that I do not plan on eliminating during this cleanse – or any other time :). Or you could saute some organic veggies in olive oil. Good luck to you 🙂

      P.S. Thanks for the recipe, Lindsay!

  33. Where can I buy pure syrup? As long as its pure is it ok?

    • pure maple syrup should be from Canada, most grocery stores have it.

  34. Just wondering how do you get your spices to dissolve, I have tried various resipes similar to this one and the spices always settle to the bottom. Any suggestion?

    • It tends to sit at the bottom, I just keep stirring it. You’ll still get the benefits, its like drinking a tea but instead of removing the leaves(or herbs in this cased) you leave it in.

  35. Is it ok to substitute regular chili powder? I don’t have any cayenne on hand.

    Thanks for the recipe!

    • yes!

  36. Made this yesterday and only had bout 2oz and woke up this morning w/less hip.amd jount pain. Im hoping this.will will be able to paim in my hios (dr only wants to throw me) and help my liver.that has blood clots in it. Will let y’all know.

  37. I am repeating a previous question because I couldn’t fine the answer. Do you only drink this for 5-7 days or can this be part of a daily lifestyle diet?

    • I incorporate into my daily life. Do what you wish!

  38. I am on day 4 of drinking this. Love the way I feel, but have not enjoyed drinking it, I gotta say. Love the heat, and don’t mind the flavor. It’s the powder I think. I live somewhere where I can easily find fresh tumeric root, so today I got some and fresh ginger. I just cut them up in small pieces and blended it with a bit of water….added everything else. What a difference!!!!! WOWZA!! It feels so alive and smooth. About a million times better. Now, I’m going to go get a fresh pepper, so that everything I’m drinking is fresh. No more grit. No more separation. If you can get it….try it!! Yummers 🙂

    • This is great information Nancy! Thank you so much, looking forward to passing it on with my readers.

    • Will definitely try this after I finish the powder mix I just made. That sounds awesome! What kind of blender do you use that blends it completely? (I’m in the market and can’t decide between a Ninja or a Vitamix)

      • I personally use a Vitamix.

  39. I was wondering if you could substitute the turmeric with any other spice

    • Turmeric is very beneficial! Try and find it online.

  40. I know I am a tad late on finding this but I was wondering if you could substitute the turmeric with any other spice

    • Turmeric has so many benefits. It has very strong anti-inflammatory effects, which is why it works so well. Try and find it online, if you can’t find it in a store!

  41. Hi!

    Thanks for the recipe! It is great! I just made it for the first time, so i don’t know any effects yet, but I like the taste 🙂

    I made it with grated fresh ginger and with the other two in grind spices that I bought, and I think it tastes really good! It tastes healthy, if that makes any sense 🙂

  42. not to be rude but does this put you in the bathroom ?

    • You should be fine.

  43. Can you take this longer than 5 to 7 days?

    • yes, I drink it all the time

  44. I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with the cinnamon. I am a little leery of trying this with the pepper as I do take reflux meds. I do not tolerate spicy foods well. I would for sure use the smaller portion size in trying it. I have fibromyalgia so this would be great to try in helping with inflammation and lack of energy.

  45. Do you think this is safe during pregnancy?

  46. Just mixed a batch to try, I used fresh ginger and tumeric and store bought cayenne powder and lemon concentrate,taste great, did not sweeten it. Just hope it does not make my teeth yellow.

    • You can always use a straw if you need to!

    • Turmeric can be used as a teeth whitener. It can make other things yellow though.

  47. Thanks! Glad you are liking it!


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