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Rapid Results: 4 Weeks to Vibrant, Glowing Health

Rapid Results: 4 Weeks to Vibrant, Glowing Health

The Soul Food Living approach is specific to you and your own needs.  It’s not about what you can’t eat.  Instead, It’s about the flavors and foods you love and how to enjoy and indulge mindfully, intelligently and guilt-free.



No one diet works for everyone. It’s my job to help guide and provide you with support, encouragement and accountability as you make small and lasting changes to reach your goals.


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results”.-Albert Einstein


How many times have you tired to lose weight?  How much money, time and energy have you wasted on diet books that promise quick and easy results?  Working with a health coach is essential to reaching your weight loss goals.  It is crucial to make an investment in yourself to ensure and maintain long-term results.


As your health coach, I will educate you on the tools you will need to make lasting changes that will enable you to reach the goals you desire.


Rapid Results Program Includes:

  • Four weekly coaching sessions where you will get full support, encouragement and results
  • Unlimited email support
  • Meal plans and recipes to make eating enjoyable
  • Custom lifestyle changes tailored to you
  • Complete Soul Food Living shopping guide
  • Proper supplementation recommendations (if necessary)


Are you ready to say yes to a new you?




Two Payment Options

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