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Ditch the Diet

Ditch the Diet

 The Wellness Gypsy and Salt Lake Elevated



Ditch the Diet 2.0


A 10 week restriction-free holistic fitness and nutrition program 

Next program starts January 7th, 2017

at 10:30am

at Salt Lake Elevated

675 E. 2100 W. Suite M!    

*Not a member and Salt Lake Elevated? Want to learn more? Click on this link. 


The wellness gypsy approach to nutrition is a unique in that I don’t focus on what you can’t have. It’s not about calorie restriction and foods you can’t eat. It is my job to help and guide you through a world of contradictory nutrition advice and help you find your specific health blueprint.

I will teach and guide you how to make small, lasting and impactful changes to reach the goals you desire. I will provide you with support, encouragement and accountability as you make small, lasting sustainable changes.


Results You Can Expect

  • Weight loss, without calorie counting
  • Improved Digestion
  • Eliminated or reduced cellulite
  • Glowing, vibrant skin
  • Reduce toxic build up in the body
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Feelings of natural euphoria
  • Firming and tightening of the facial skin
  • Reduce sugar and carb cravings
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Learn how to satisfy cravings without giving up foods you love
  • Understand how to read food labels and make your own decisions on what is and isn’t healthy for your body
  • Confidence when walking into a room by yourself, with your man, or with your girls by your side

What You’ll Get: 

  • Guidance on how the find the right foods for you and your body(hint: its now what Oprah’s eating;) 
  • A meal prepping breakdown, on how to make the most of your time  in the kitchen, and setting yourself up for success for the week
  • Budget friendly tips to help you shop wisely without blowing your whole paycheck
  • Five webinars that will cover a variety of holistic nutrition topics from Macronutrients and Micronutrients,  learning your true desires, emotional eating, to live Q&A sessions. 
  • An understanding of toxic impurities and why you need to assist your body in releasing toxins and waste
  • LOADS of recipes that are full of highly alkalizing foods which will aid your body in removing waste and repair cellular damage
  • FULL email support between you and myself while you are completing this program (I respond to emails within 48 hours of receiving them).
  • An understanding on how to eat out at restaurants without feeling bloated and lethargic afterwards.
  • Knowledge on how to travel without losing sight of your nutrition and lifestyle goals
  • Easy lifestyle tips that will help you navigate contradictory nutrition advice
  • Comfort on how and when to indulge on your favorite foods without feeling guilty
  • A shopping list complete with low-glycemic foods so you can easily continue your weight loss after you have completed the 8 week program
  • A guide on what to get rid of in your kitchen so you can successfully transition off your program and into your new lifestyle
  • Unlimited Fitness Class Pass at Salt Lake Elevated(This will be good until the end of your 10 weeks)
  • Accountability.  Each week you’ll have an accountability partner in the program.  You’ll keep each other on track, and help motivate each other throughout the week. 


What is being said?  Check out what my past clients have said:

“I would recommend Lindsay to anyone who is interested in improving their health or the health of their family, to those trying to make the transition from fast food/restaurant food to home cooked meals, or even those just interested in the most up to date information on nutrients and food. My whole family is eating better.  We are more focused on including certain foods in our diet.  We haven’t cut out processed foods, but the amount of room they take up in our pantry decreases as the space needed for more healthy foods increases.” -Lara Dean

“The different levels of results are so vast, it is hard to fully describe. I lost weight and continue to do so. I have a completely different relationship with my food. I now use food to fuel my body, clear my skin, and maintain a happy attitude.  Everyone I know could benefit from her knowledge on food and how to live a full life.  I feel I know quite a bit about nutrition, but I still gained a significant amount of information. The program was tailored to combat the struggles I encounter, which includes managing my time, home environment, and stress levels. The program helped me stay accountable to achieve my goals.” -Alana Boscan

“There were no rules that you had to follow, which was much appreciated. It was much more a journey of learning and listening to my own body. You got me out of my rut. Once I was feeling more energetic, I started working out again, and feeling more like myself again. You created positive forward momentum which I was able to use in other aspects of my life.” -Paige Smith

“My diet has been completely overhauled and I’ve become much more aware of what I’m eating.  My energy levels have increased significantly. You have an excellent working knowledge of nutrition, super foods and triggers that cause nutritional and life blocks.”-Rita Nolan

“I gained knowledge about foods that I didn’t know about before; Alkaline vs. Acidic … when we discussed how it’s difficult for our bodies to digest cows milk, etc. plus you introduced me to green smoothies which I am a HUGE fan of now days!!”-Nicole Bryant

Are you ready to join us?  

Program starts  1/7/2017



*Not a member at Salt Lake Elevated? Want to learn more? Click here!